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Feature of the application

Be our partner and benefit from this new tool.
To open an e-commerce service account, please contact us.

The benefits

Fast access to our products

The e-commerce platform offers fast online access to the wide range of Palbit products.

Updated Pricing

Access to the list of products and their net prices.

Handling orders with many options.

We offer a variety of options on how your order should be handled, addressed and referenced. If you have multiple shipping locations, the address book will store your address for fast and correct checkout of the order.

View stock availability online

With Palbit e-commerce you have access to the availability of online stock for each product.

Invoice search, overview and details

Display your invoices.

Order search, overview and details of all your orders

Order overview gives you access to all your orders in one place, regardless of how they were registered with us.

How it works

There is no cost to you as a user of the Palbit e-commerce platform.

You must be a Palbit registered customer.

You simply use your normal internet connection and access the e-commerce platform via a link on our local homepage.

We provide a personal identification and password for your login. You can assign access to multiple employees in your organization to use the Palbit e-commerce platform. This is controlled by you and all users log in with a company ID and password.

All information displayed reflects the status of your business with Palbit. All orders follow the terms of sale agreed with us.

Confirm your order on the screen to receive a printed confirmation